The Cibi bicycle in details

The Cibi bicycle are developed and upgraded for your safety and comfort!

  • Shorter frame and steep front fork, making it easier to manoeuvre in the streets
  • Aluminium frame
  • Low and easy mounting
  • Self-adjusting front wheel – it always points foward
  • Puncture proof tyres with either a centre of foam or special tyres
  • Reflectors (front and rear)
  • Internal gears – gear changing in the handlebars
  • Automatic, battery-free light (front and rear)
  • Drum brakes in front and rear wheel
  • Anti-slip pedals
  • Bell
  • Capacious handlebar basket – only on the city bikes. The commuter bikes have a rear rack
  • RFID-chip in front fork
  • Wire lock with code
  • Double kickstand for a stable support of the bicycle, when parked during the rental
  • Adjustable height with quick fittings
  • Saddle lock
  • Chain guard
  • Mud guard, front and rear

Bicycle stand

Each bicycle stand consists of maximum 30 bicycle stands, depending on the location in the city. The bicycle stands are fitted with a locking device, glowing indicators, audio signals and card reader.

The lights indicate if the bicycle is vacant or not. Red light = vacant bicycle. Green light = vacant bicycle stand.

When returning the bicycle then place it in a stand with a green light. When the light in the stand glows red the bicycle has been placed and returned correctly, and the bicycle is locked. Subsequently, you will receive a confirming SMS on your mobile phone that the bicycle has been delivered correctly.

However, if it happens, having locked the bicycle correctly, the indicator glows red and the bicycle is locked, but you did not receive a SMS, we kindly ask you to contact us on the number stated for the city in question or to send us a SMS.

Service teams with special tools – just around the corner

Several times daily our service teams supervise the city’s bicycle stations to remedy moving about bicycles or localisation of possible defective bicycles. Depending on the extent of possible damages the repairs are handled on-site, e.g. a bicycle with a defective tyre, handlebar basket etc.

In case of broken lights or brakes the bicycles are automatically removed from the stand to be repaired at our workshop.


Be aware of what is going on around you, cycle safely and respect road rules!

  • Respect road signs and signals (traffic lights, one-way streets, stop signs etc.]
  • Always look out for pedestrians, particularly at traffic lights and pedestrian crossings
  • Be aware of other cyclists and ensure they can always see you
  • It is not permitted to cycle on footpaths in Denmark
  • Cycle in single files even when cycling in a group
  • Do not undertake vehicles if they are turning right – on the road keep RIGHT unless specific paths are provided
  • Do not transport passengers – the bicycles are designed to carry only one passenger
  • Do not lend your rented bicycle – you alone are responsible for the bicycle
  • Watch out for vehicle doors opening
  • Use the wire lock for short stops
  • Signal changes of direction with your arm
  • Before you set out, check your bicycle is roadworthy and safe
  • Wear reflective cothing in bad weather conditions and at night
  • We recommend that you Wear a properly fitting helmet
  • Do not wear headphones while cycling
  • Always be alert to what is happening around you

Blind spots are the first cause of cycle accidents – so watch out! Blind spots correspond to the full right and left length of vehicles, leaving drivers unable to see anyone cycling beside them. Lorries and buses have significant blind spots, where cyclists are invisible. Therefore:

  • Make sure you are always able to have eye contact with the driver, which is a sign that they are able to see you
  • Never pass a vehicle on the left
  • Keep your distance from all vehicles
  • Avoid stopping too close to the front of a Lorry or a bus – either drive in front of the vehicle, making sure to be seen by the driver, or even better:
  • Stay behind and WAIT until the vehicle has undertaken its right turning
  • Remain visible at all times

Good advices from Cibi

Before you set out, here are some useful tips to make your journey comfortable and safe:

  • Adapt your speed to suit weather conditions
  • Wear reflective clothing in bad weather conditions and at night
  • Do not transport passenger – the bicycle is designed to carry only one passenger
  • We recommend that you wear a cycling helmet and high visibility clothing
  • Your liability

    • You must adhere to the General Conditions af Access and Use of Cibi and the Danish traffis regulations
    • You must at least be 12 years in order to rent a bicycle
    • It is advisable to have a public liability insurance covering cycling related accidents
    • When returning the bicycle, ensure that it is locked correctly in its stand
    • Always use the wire lock if you stop on the way
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