How to rent a city bike in Randers with a foreign mobile

  • A complete registration is necessary for a successful booking.
  • When you have registered, all information and handling of the bikes is ‘operated’ via your mobile phone
  • Each bike has a wire lock – you will receive a unique code by SMS, when unlocking the bike.
  • You may book a city bike 7 days prior to your chosen date.
  • Each bike will be charged a deposit of DKK 500 – which will be refunded at the return of the bike.
  • Maximum time of booking: 12 hours from unlocking the bike – you will receive a notifying SMS one hour before expiry.

The bicycle is fitted with:

  • Automatic light
  • Fixed rear rack
  • Pedal and lever brake
  • Electronic reader communicating with your stand
  • Wire lock, enabling you to lock the bicycle during the day. You receive the wire lock code via SMS, when you have registered, and a bicycle have been assigned to you.

A complete registration is necessary for a successful booking…


The city bike system is operated through your mobile phone after online registration and payment by credit card.


Charge: First half-hour free, then DKK 10 per hour or part thereafter.

A deposit of DKK 500 will be charged from your credit card, and the total bike rental will be deducted from this amount.

Standard text messaging fees will apply.

Payment is made with out the right to cancel.

Faulty bike

Please let us know if you discover a faulty bike. Send an SMS text message to +45 3137 8444, stating the
ID number of the bike as well as a brief description of the defect.
The SMS must have the following form ”bike (space) ID no. (space) description”.

How you use a City Bike

Bike station

Your bike is parked at this station, and is locked when the red light blinks.

Unlock the bike

Send an SMS with the ID number to +45 3137 8444. The system will check if your mobile phone is registered on our system, and if it is, the bike will unlock.

Good to go

When the green light is blinking, the bike is unlocked. Take the bike within 15 seconds, or it will lock again. You will receive confirmation via SMS.

Bike safe!

Go ahead and use the bike around the whole of Randers.

Park the bike

The stand is open and unlocked when the green lights blink.

Lock up the bikeh5>
Push the bike fully into the stand. The system will recognise your bike and lock automatically. The bike is locked when the red light blinks.

You will receive a confirmation via SMS.

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