I have a company mobile phone - which systems can I use?

You may use the City bike system as well as the commuter system, which both require registration and payment via the homepage. Subsequently, you only have to use your mobile phone to operate the system.

Deposit – why and how is it secured?

In order to make sure that the commuter bicycle is properly handled in the care taking of the customer a deposit fee is paid.

What do I do, if I have a puncture or experience another defect on my rented bicycle?

The tyres are not air-filled, but puncture proof.

If other accidents/mishaps happen to the bicycle, you just contact the stated service numbers +45 6039 6060 – either directly on the phone or via SMS outside opening hours. State the problem/the defect as well as possible location – and our service team will remedy the problem/defect as soon as possible.

Which credit cards are accepted?

Click on our ’Terms and conditions’– here it will appear, which credit cards our system accepts.

How do I lock the bicycle during the rental period?

Use the wire lock that travels with the bicycle. The code for the wire lock you have received on a SMS.

What do I do, if I have returnes the bicycle correctly, but this action has not been registered correctly in the system?

If you do not receive a SMS receipt when returned the bicycle, then the bicycle has not been returned correctly. Check if the light on the stand shines RED. At errors/faults please contact us via the stated service number.


Must the commuter bicycle be returned to its stand every day?

You have full disposal of the commuter bicycle in the entire rental period and may park the bicycle wherever you like until the final rental day at 23:59. Only demand is that the bicycle is safely locked with the appertaining wire lock.

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