How to lend Odense city bicycle

– and explore all of Odense on bike

You may lend a FREE city bike for 24 hours by means of your mobile phone – and you do not have to register anywhere.

Just send a SMS with the stand’s ID number to +45 3137 8444, if you have a foreign mobile phone – or to 1944 if you have a Danish mobile phone (please see description and  illustration below).

The bike unlocks and is ready to use.

You may lend up to 2 bicycles per mobile number per lending.

You may return the bicycle to any available city bicycle stand. You park the bicycle in a vacant stand with a green light glowing. When the stand’s red diode is on, the bicycle is automatically locked. You receive a confirmation via SMS on your mobile phone for returning the bicycle.

City bicycles at Odense Train Station are temporarily out of order

  • Available commuter bikes
  • Available city bikes
  • No bikes available

The city bike station at Odense Station is closed – we work actively to find a new location. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Click here – for GERMAN or CHINESE version of the instructions.

Lend a FREE city bicycle for 24 hours by means of your mobile phone

City bicycle station

Choose a vacant bicycle from one of the stands at the station. The bicycle is locked and VACANT, when the red diode is on.

Unlock the bicycle

Send a SMS text message with the ID number on the stand to +45 3137 8444. (Only foreign mobile phones – Danish mobile phones send to 1944).
The system register your mobile number – and the bicycle is unlocked.

Ready to use

The bicycle is unlocked, when the green diode is on.
Take out the bicycle within 15 seconds – or the system locks the bicycle again.
You will also receive a confirmation via SMS.

Enjoy your ride!

Use the bicycle all around Odense.
Never leave the bicycle unlocked. Use the wire lock with the code, you received with the SMS confirmation for “ready to go”.

Return the bike to a city bicycle station within 24 hours

Place the bicycle in a vacant stand.
The stand is vacant, if the green diode is on.

Lock the bicycle in the stand

Roll the bicycle all the way into the stand. The system will recognise the bicycle and locks it.
The bicycle is locked, when the red diode is on.
You will also receive a confirmation via SMS.


The City Bicycle system is operated through your mobile phone.


Standard text messaging fees will apply.

Faulty bicycle

Please let us know it you discover a faulty bicycle.

Send an SMS text message to +45 3137 8444, stating the ID number of the bike as well as a brief description of the defect. Danish mobile numbers must send to 1944.

The SMS must have the following form: ’bike (space) ID number (space) description’.

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for the city bicycle lending:

  1. The cyclist must observe the rules of the Danish Road Traffic Act at all times.
  2. It is the responsibility of the cyclist to provide bicycle lamps.
  3. Before use, it is the responsibility of the cyclist to check that the bicycle does not have any defects that compromise safety.
  4. It is recommended that the cyclist wear a bike helmet.
  5. The bicycle must only be locked with the wire lock provided.
  6. Should the bicycle be lost or stolen during the lending period, the renter is liable to pay an excess of DKK 500.
  7. The lending is personal, and the bicycle must not be handed over to other persons during the lending period.
  8. The bicycle must not carry more than one person at any time.
  9. Children under the age of 12 must not use the bicycle.
  10. The maximum load of the bicycle is 120 kg.
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