Rent your own personal Aarhus commuter bicycle and stand

If you are a commuter, you may now rent the same bicycle and the same stand with lock during the entire rental period . Meaning it is the same bicycle, you ride during the period, you have rented the bicycle. When you register, you pay the bicycle rental via your creditcard. You open and lock the bicycle in its stand with your mobile phone.

Thus, you do not have to look for a place to park your bicycle, when you have to hurry on – because you take and park your bicycle from the same stand. When your bicycle is not in the stand, the stand is locked, so that no other may use it.

The bicycle is fitted with:

  • Automatic light
  • Fixed rear rack
  • Pedal and lever brake
  • Electronic reader communicating with your stand
  • Wire lock, enabling you to lock the bicycle during the day. You receive the wire lock code via SMS, when you have registered, and a bicycle have been assigned to you.

Rental of bicycle and stand

1 week: DKK 50,-
1 month: DKK 100,-
3 months: DKK 250,-

Minimum rental is 1 week. The system will always calculate the best price for you.

How you use Commuter Bicycle

Signing up!

In order to use the commuter bicycle you must register as a user. You only have to register the one time. The commuter bicycle system is operated through your mobile phone. You can pay with your credit card once registered at Sign up now!

Commuter bicycle station

Once registered online, you will receive an ID number for the chosen station. Your bicycle is parked at this station and is locked, when the red diode is on.

Unlock the bicycle

Send a SMS with the ID number to 1944. The system will check, if the mobile phone is registered on – if so, the bicycle will unlock.

Good to go

The bicycle is unlocked, when the green diode is on. Take the bicycle within 15 seconds – or the system will lock the bicycle again. You furthermore receive a confirmation via SMS.

Enjoy your trip!

You may use the bicycle around all of Randers.

Lock the bicycle with the wire lock

The bicycle has a wire lock which can be used while, for example, at work. The code for the wire lock will be sent along with the SMS confirmation (see ”Good to go”).

Return your bicycle to your commuter bicycle station.

Please return the bicycle to the same stand, you took it from. This stand is reserved especially for you and your bicycle. Send a SMS with the ID number to 1944 to unlock the stand.

Park the bicycle!

The stand is open and unlocked, when the green diode is on.

Lock up the bicycle to the stand

Push the bicycle fully into the stand. The system will recognise your bicycle and locks automatically. The bicycle is locked, when the red diode is on. You will receive a confirmation via SMS.

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