Only applicable for commuter bicycles

The renter explicitly acknowlegdes his personal liability for obeying the at all times existing Road Traffic Act or other legislative regulations.

At his accept of the rental purchase, when pressing ”Approve”, the renter releases the owner from any responsibility for any loss or damages to any object or person before and during the rental period accordingly to the agreement.

The renter must keep the owner recompensed for any claim in consequence of such losses or damages.

Please notice that the owner is not insured against damages, which any object or person suffer during the rental period in accordance with this agreement It rests with the renter to be insured against this.

The renter understands and accepts to protect the interests of the owner and the interest of the owner’s Insurance company in case of damages within the period of validity of the contract.

Furthermore the following rules apply to the renters:

  • The renter must always obey the traffic regulations
  • It is the responsibility of the renter that the bicycle lights work
  • Before setting out the renter must check if the bicycle is in a secure condition with regard to safety
  • We recommend that you bring along and wear a bicycle helmet
  • The renter may only use the wire lock provided with the bicycle, when the bicycle is not in its locked stand, which is rented together with the bicycle
  • If the bicycle is lost in your care an excess fee of DKK 500 is paid
  • The rental is personal and the bicycle must not during the rental period be entrusted to others
  • It is prohibited to be more than one person on the bicycle
  • Children under the years of 12 years may not use the bicycles
  • Maximum weight on the bicycle is 120 kg

The following credit cards are accepted: Dankort / Visa Dankort, Visa, Mastercard, Visa Electron, JCB, American Express


Right of cancellation

As a rule there is a 14 days’ right of cancellation when signing og a rental agreement of a commuter bicycle. As the rental of a commuter bicycle is a service, taking place at a given time (the rental period) the right of cancellation is annulled at the start of the rental period (commissioning of the commuter bicycle).

How to cancel your purchase

Before the termination of the right of cancellation you must notify us that you have regretted the agreement. If you wish to give this notification in writting – as eg. per letter or email – you only have to send this notification before the termination deadline. In the request of cancellation the following must be stated: name, address, mobile number, as well as bank account number for a possible refund. If you want to make sure you have kept your cancellation deadline, you may forward a registered letter and keep the postal receipt.

Notification about cancellation of the agreement must be given to:

AFA JCDecaux
Sønder Allé 12
DK – 8000 Aarhus C


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